Ashburton’s Charity Christmas Single

A remarkable Dog called Mr Pickles has brought together a magical musical happening for a Devon town and captured it on film.

The dog has become the first Jack Russel ever to make a Christmas film and song, titled “You Just Can’t Frighten Christmas Away!”. All proceeds raised from donations and royalties associated with the song will be given to local tree planting and food bank charities.

The film, directed and produced by the small but imposing dog Mr Pickles was shot in a socially distanced manner early on a beautiful Sunday morning just after Lockdown. It tells of a dream the dog had in which Father Christmas and his band of unusual helpers are magically summoned to rid the town of the “Pesky” Corona gang.

While filming was taking place many magical things happened and Mr Pickles was forced to change his original idea of playing all of the parts in the film himself.

Well, you can’t say no to the real Father Christmas can you ?

Mr Pickles, who lists some of his influences as Benny Hill, Laurel and Hardy, Wham and Steven Spielberg persuaded many local musicians to contribute their talents in isolation to the music. Even discovering a mysterious troop of Rappers in the backstreets of Ashburton in the process.

And the rest is… shall we say…magic

Mr Pickles commented:

“The whole thing has been a wonderful Christmas ride far beyond even my wildest dreams. In all my years as a canine artist. I’ve never known anything like it!.

I hope what we have captured on film and tape brings a smile and warmth to all who see it after this hard year for the world. A very merry Christmas to all!!.”

He was then heard to wonder to himself

“ Was it really a dream ? Or did it actually happen. I just don’t know anymore. Woof!!!”

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