Supporting Plastic-Free Ashburton

Support Plastic Free: Support Ashburton

Ashburton Information Centre is supporting Plastic-Free Ashburton! As we work towards reducing our dependence on plastic shopping bags in the town, Ashburton Information Centre will be getting things off to a great start by running a special offer on Ashburton canvas bags during Late Night Christmas Shopping on the 7th of December. So drop in, pick up a bag and support Plastic-Free Ashburton!

It’s important to note that many shops in Ashburton have been using alternatives to plastic bags for some time. Gnash Comics uses biodegradable plastic bags, Ashburton Deli, Jaded Palates and Tess Designs use paper bags wherever possible. Ella wraps her bread in paper and uses biodegradable bags too. Other shops have voiced their support and if they are not already offering alternatives they are looking into options.

Residents can support a Plastic-Free Ashburton by purchasing an Ashburton cloth bag from the Ashburton Information Centre or taking multi-use bags whenever they shop.

We’re not expecting an overnight change but we are well on the way!