1. Name

The association shall be called “Ashburton Chamber of Trade” (also referred to as “The Chamber”). Our motto is “Acting together, supporting Ashburton”.

2. Aims and Objectives

The Ashburton Chamber of Trade exists solely for the benefit of its members and to promote trade and commerce within the community.

2.1 Promote

The Chamber and its members actively promote trade and commerce within the town and our community, by acting together we all prosper!

2.2 Support

The Chamber works with our membership, the wider community and external agencies to support and deliver benefits to all our members. The Chamber and its members support and contribute to the town and our community. We are an active part of the life of the town!

2.3 Represent

The Chamber represents the collective with whose support we are able to present a united voice to lobby for our interests and those of the town and our community. As individual members we support our colleagues and our community benefiting us all!

3. Membership

Any proprietor, firm, company, sole trader or individual engaged in the professional or commercial life of the town of Ashbuton or its immediately surrounding area shall be eligible to apply for membership. For the purpose of membership the establishment concerned shall be regarded as the member and shall nominate a representative who shall have full authority to exercise all rights of membership on behalf of the establishment.

Honorary Membership may, at the discretion of the committee, be offered to long-standing active members on their retirement, or to individuals who have in the opinion of the committee provided service to the benefit of the town. This will run for one year unless otherwise stated.

The Chamber may offer New Business Membership free of charge to any new businesses to welcome them to the town and to assist them as they become established.

Applications for Full Membership shall be considered by the committee, which may, in its absolute discretion, accept or reject the application.

On admission and payment of the required fee, Full Members shall be entitled to the benefits of membership (described below); full voting rights and the right to stand for committee.

3.1 Subscriptions

An annual fee is payable by all Full Members, this fee to be decided by the executive committee at the annual general meeting.

Membership will be on a calendar year basis. The Chamber year runs from April 1st – March 31st and fees will be prorated for members joining during the year. A reminder will be sent by email to all members, confirming the required fee for the forthcoming year. Failure to pay the required membership fee within 28 days of the renewal date may result in cancellation of the membership

Payment of fees is by may be by direct debit, cash, cheque, bank transfer or standing order.

3.2 Benefits of Membership

The central benefit of chamber membership is the opportunity to network and share business ideas and experiences with like minded people.
On first joining the Chamber each member will receive a welcome pack comprising of:

  • A copy of the constitution
  • Current information about the chamber and how to stay informed
    Furthermore the member will receive:
  •  Access to the Chamber’s online discussion forums
  •  Access to the members area of the Chamber web site including projects directory and resources
  •  Access to the Chamber’s calendar of events
  •  Free or preferential access to Chamber events